Senior Director of Marketing Science and Analytics

Greenberg, Inc. is seeking a highly motivated and innovative leader to join our team as Senior Director of Marketing Science and Analytics.  This person should have deep analytic and statistical training, the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and simply, have the credibility to support strategic thinking and planning with clients, and clearly convey concepts and ideas to junior staff. 

In addition, the Senior Director should demonstrate the proven ability to collaborate with teams and clients in recommending the most rigorous and effective approach to study design and data analysis. Candidates should possess a curious and creative personality, with a passion for problem solving, business strategy and analytic rigor.

Reporting to the Head of humanQuant, the Senior Director will consult with clients and internal teams to design quantitative research, recommend new analytic approaches, and lead complex multi-variate analysis to derive fresh insights from data.   

This position is based in our Emeryville, CA office where dogs run free and the string-cheese is available 24/7.  We are eager to chat with candidates seeking either a full-time or part-time role.

Primary Responsibilities

• Act as the primary internal statistical lead and thought leader to enable Greenberg to develop innovative approaches to research questions
• Run various types of cluster analyses, and build classification algorithms/typing tools to support Greenberg’s leading segmentation practice expertise
• Design and implement MaxDiff and Conjoint studies, and take primary responsibility for analyzing the data, creating simulators and other tools to analyze the results, and present to clients
• Create and implement novel experiments or quasi-experiments, and develop new methods for causal inference
• Recommend approaches to analysis of survey data that can illuminate data patterns or answer critical client questions
• Help lead and support the effective analysis of behavioral tracking and other unstructured datasets, and identify opportunities for data fusion (i.e. linking behavioral and survey data with client-provided and other external database variables)
• Train other humanQuant team members on best practices in statistical analysis, research design, and data presentation
• Special projects as assigned

• This job requires up to 40% regional and global travel, with enough flexibility to frequently change travel arrangements and work schedule.  

Desired Skills and Experience

• The ideal candidate has a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in statistics, data analysis, or marketing and data science from a leading University, with 5-10 years related work experience in market research or marketing and data science.
• Experience should include exposure to deep multi-variate analysis approaches, client contact, as well as training and education.
• Candidates are required to use one or a number of the following stats packages, including SPSS, SAS, Stata, and Sawtooth.
• Must be able to problem solve, think critically, and have a high attention to detail!

To apply, please send your resume and letter of interest to




About Greenberg

Founded in 1994, Greenberg is a strategic consultancy integrating research, design, and patterns thinking to help businesses transform and grow.  We are a team of strategists, researchers, social scientists, marketers, designers, and videographers, shaped around our WholeHuman™ approach – the art and science of tapping emotional, rational and instinctual responses to reveal the deeper truths about a brand or business.   

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