Introducing LRWGreenberg Gaming

Fueled by personal and professional passion for gaming, LRWGreenberg Gaming meets a growing insights industry demand.

The video games industry is in the midst of massive growth and transformation. In 2018 it generated $131 billion USD and is poised to become $300 billion by 2025 (GlobalData report, April 2019). An increased number of non-traditional gaming companies are entering the space, and newer innovations like mobile, cloud and VR have helped drive expansion.

To meet the growing demand from this market segment, we’ve brought together a cross-functional team of gaming-savvy qualitative and quantitative researchers, strategists, designers and project managers to form LRWGreenberg Gaming. Versed in LRWGreenberg’s WholeHuman® approach to insights, and fueled by personal and professional passion for gaming, each member of the team has the experience and credibility of putting learning in context to identify breakthrough insights. Specialized areas of expertise include player segmentation, portfolio and product planning, title and platform launch positioning, and foundational brand and category insights.

Collin Leirvik, LRWGreenberg Vice President, leads LRWGreenberg Gaming. “Our partners know that to be successful in the gaming industry you need to combine sharp strategy and killer products with an intuitive understanding of why gamers love to play. We have extremely talented team members who understand the gaming industry because they’ve been playing games their entire lives,” commented Leirvik on the announcement. “Games challenge us, they demand creativity, they tell us amazing stories. We take those qualities and bring them to all the work we do.”

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