Client Program Manager

The Greenberg Client Program Manager (CPM) is a critical role with end-to-end responsibility for the efficient execution of all client programs. CPMs are the glue that binds together client programs, ensuring accurate costing, budgeting, scheduling and execution for all elements of a client program. CPMs are accountable for pricing, scheduling, monitoring field and assuring the specifications of projects are met within budget. 

CPMs collaborate with all team-members at Greenberg on a continuous basis. The CPM’s perspective and knowledge is a key element, to defining, scoping and managing a successful level of project activity across the company. The CPM’s foundation in executional management and operations of qualitative marketing research is a strong platform for growth into operations, research management, analysis and related consulting and agency roles.

Core Responsibilities

• Collaborate with internal teams and clients to define project specifications
• Solicit and evaluate bids from potential third party vendors; ensure thorough briefing on project specifications and client needs
• Cost projects with an eye toward competitive pricing but also toward margin and time budget
• Nurture positive relationships with vendors while maintaining a firm position on pricing and service – recognizing when flexibility is appropriate
• Confirm and communicate all project schedules, logistics, and details in writing to project teams
• Visualize projects in terms of “next steps” and potential challenges
• Identify the causes of project problems and determine alternatives or solutions; implement action plans and communicate to project teams and vendors
• Manage project recruiting; ensure consistent progress, quality recruits, and workable solutions to challenges
• Track project budgets and monitor/approve vendor invoices accordingly
• Draft or approve every recruitment screening questionnaire (used to recruit market research respondents) based on input from clients
• Draft SAs, SOWs, and MSAs; ensure timely submissions to client
• Follow client- and project-specific compliance guidelines; create compliance checklists
• Build effective relationships with internal teams, clients and vendors
• Independently manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Intimacy with Netsuite and required data entry and report maintenance
• Special projects as assigned as well as leadership role and responsibilities as needed

Education and Experience

• The ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year University in a related field of study
• Three+ years’ project management experience, preferably within the market research or related field
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google products
• Familiarity with NetSuite (not required) 
• Demonstrated interest in learning all aspects of project life cycle within a fast-paced environment
• Problem solving and critical thinking skills
• High attention to detail

To apply, please send your resume and letter of interest to



About Greenberg

Founded in 1994, Greenberg is a strategic consultancy integrating research, design, and patterns thinking to help businesses transform and grow. We are a team of strategists, researchers, social scientists, marketers, designers, and videographers, shaped around our WholeHuman® approach – the art and science of tapping emotional, rational and instinctual responses to reveal the deeper truths about a brand or business.

Patterns Thinking is a system where we combine these human truths to reveal an underlying pattern that drives behavior. Patterns are both evaluative and predictive – enabling us to understand what has happened, what is happening now, and what is likely to happen (and the ways in which we can affect it).

We work with some of the world’s most respected brands, building insight-based strategy, design-led narrative and activation tools. These include Chipotle, Dell, Disney, Facebook, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Sony and Wells Fargo.