HumanQuant® Director

Greenberg, Inc. is seeking an experienced Quantitative Director to join our growing HumanQuant® team. We’re looking for someone with a passion for finding patterns from different data sources, to interpret the business and marketing applications for our clients, and tell compelling stories that have a real impact on our clients’ business. The Quantitative Director will work with clients, team leadership and analysts to develop, manage and execute quantitative research projects while producing strategic insights. S(he) will shape research to help organizations seize new opportunities and thrive, bring forward new ideas, lead and inspire project teams, and also manage the operational aspects of project execution.

This position will be based in our Emeryville, CA office, where dogs run free and the string cheese is available 24/7. 

Core Responsibilities

Project Design
• Help determine the who, what, when, where and why for new projects, recommending best in class approaches, visualizing possible outcomes, and understanding potential challenges
• Support account growth by contributing to proposal writing and client pitches

Project & Team Management
• Act as Lead Analyst on some projects & client accounts
• Manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Manage and mentor a group of analysts and strategists

Analysis & Reporting
• Work with client/project teams to derive clear, actionable, insights from analyses
• Develop statistical insights from quantitative data, both survey based as well as from other sources
• Envisage the structure and flow of research reports and develop charts and infographics
• Quality control final presentations to ensure data has been reported accurately.
• Compose and present final reports and deliverables that are strategic, clear, concise, and solution-oriented

Client Management
• Serve as the primary client contact on projects & client accounts, becoming the face of HumanQuant to some of the most prestigious companies in the country
• Develop a deep understanding of specific client business needs; act as a consultant and partner, not a vendor
• Lead or collaborate in workshop-style client meetings
• Will include some client travel


• An innate ability to find the story in the numbers and see the forest for the trees.
• Willing to apply concepts creatively, rather than ‘by the book’
• Driven self-starter with a deep intellect and the ability to execute
• Comfortable in client-facing roles and settings
• Curiosity: Wants to learn, understand and appropriately apply new approaches
• Critical thinking: Can determine whether or not something passes the ‘sniff test’
• Data Savvy: conceptual understanding of underlying statistical premise, i.e. can see ‘past the numbers’
• At ease working with large data sets
• Data precision: incorporates internal data checks
• Can ‘automate’ repetitive tasks
• Can apply approaches across studies – ‘if it works here, it ought to work there’
• Strong written and verbal communications skills with an eye for the details
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word is essential.
• Conceptual understanding of standard multivariate approaches (correlation, regression, factor, segments) and some familiarity with standard statistical packages (SPSS, SAS or Systat, R)
• Familiarity with common online survey platforms (Qualtrics, Decipher)

Education and Experience

Minimum Bachelor’s, preferably Master’s, degree in a related subject (social sciences, statistics, math, etc.) with a minimum of six years’ related industry experience. Demonstrated success building trusted relationships with clients. Prefer advanced experience with specific research methodologies including communications, creative and copy development, execution and effectiveness, brand positioning/strategy, segmentation.

To apply, please send your resume and letter of interest to




About Greenberg

Founded in 1994, Greenberg is a strategic consultancy integrating research, design, and patterns thinking to help businesses transform and grow. We are a team of strategists, researchers, social scientists, marketers, designers, and videographers, shaped around our WholeHuman® approach – the art and science of tapping emotional, rational and instinctual responses to reveal the deeper truths about a brand or business.

Patterns Thinking is a system where we combine these human truths to reveal an underlying pattern that drives behavior. Patterns are both evaluative and predictive – enabling us to understand what has happened, what is happening now, and what is likely to happen (and the ways in which we can affect it).

We work with some of the world’s most respected brands, building insight-based strategy, design-led narrative and activation tools. These include Chipotle, Dell, Disney, Facebook, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Sony and Wells Fargo.