An Activated Audience



Advertising is the lifeblood of broadcast media. But proving its effectiveness is increasingly challenging in an age where mobility is making Nielsen moot and where metric-driven digital media deliver quantifiable results.

While CNBC commands some of the highest CPMs in live television, profound shifts in the media landscape provided the internal impetus to reinforce advertiser confidence in the brand.

Greenberg partnered with CNBC to conduct an integrated research program to pinpoint why audiences choose the network. 

The findings revealed solid proof that the CNBC audience is more connected to the brand than competitor audiences, and is regularly acting on what is presented. 

Our work helped strengthen the confidence of the sales team with an advertiser-facing sales video and presentation that illuminates why the CNBC brand matters to viewers and how this benefits advertisers.

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The research reveals that the CNBC brand-audience connection is more likely to drive action and influence.

Prefer to eat foods grown locally

Source: 2012 CNBC DNA Study