Transform That

From the start, Michael Dell’s game-changing vision made his company iconic. But as the landscape evolves, players such as Dell are striving to adapt to “post-PC” consumer behavior as well as lean further toward being full solution providers.


Dell’s recent move to go private was a dramatic step in gaining the latitude it needs to “retool” its offer and stay relevant.

Maintaining the respect Dell has garnered over the years also remains a fundamental communication challenge. 

For more than five years, Greenberg has partnered with Dell and its agencies to shape, refine, and measure brand and product communications across Asia, Europe, South America, and the US.

Our work is enabling the marketing team to gain actionable understanding around attitudes and expectations of business decision-makers and IT professionals, assess resonance and balance a global message with local relevance. 

Today, Dell continues to deliver innovative "reasons to believe" through new service and product offerings. Strengthening  measures of communication effectiveness for these offerings will continue to be a catalyst for upgrading Dell's ability to transform.

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More explicit benefit-driven messaging has been pivotal in helping shift brand perceptions of Dell as a solutions provider.