Currency of Trust

People love to shop. But when it comes to converting this love to online purchases, the basic need for trust looms large in the payment transaction – regardless of geography or culture.

Our ecommerce study for the world's largest payment company revealed important global themes around trust, with market-specific insights as to how people use cash, cards, and other payment forms. 

While the Visa brand is one of the strongest in the world, it still competes with an even more recognized “brand” – cash. It also increasingly competes with new forms of digital payments, as customers mobilize more aspects of their lives. 

As research partner to Visa for almost a decade, with over 50 research programs conducted on four continents, we are helping Visa and its partners better understand the currency of trust that drives all forms of retail payment – cash, card, virtual – and apply this understanding to marketing, product development, and communications.

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Building trust in ecommerce with Asian shoppers requires a deep understanding of culture and market.

Prefer to eat foods grown locally

Source: Greenberg Global Wire 2013 and select e-commerce work in SE Asian markets