Introducing Double Take™

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Double Take™ is an innovative qualitative methodology that generates emotional depth and insights beyond that of traditional focus groups.

Businesses, brands, and society are buffeted by a technology-driven transformation. Yet research remains overly reliant on tried-and-true methodologies devised decades ago. So, we asked ourselves, "If we had to transform research, what would qualitative research look like? How would it be designed? What role could technology play?"

Introducing Double Take, an innovation to traditional focus groups that enables qualitative researchers to pause and reflect on a deeper exploratory evaluation; that ultimately opens minds, generates empathy and uncovers nuanced insights.

Double Take works like this:
·  Two groups are convened simultaneously – one in-person and one online.
· The online group watches the live in-person group discussion. Like the in-person group, the online “observer” group is moderated and can pose questions for the in-person group to address.
· When the in-person group session is complete, the online group remains and continues a moderated discussion in response to, and informed by, the in-person group conversation.
· Multiple Double Take sessions are conducted to ensure that all audiences are represented.

Greenberg Strategy partnered with FocusVision to develop the Double Take methodology, which uses FocusVision’s FV360 camera to create an immersive, intimate and humanizing connection between the two groups – delivering a 360° view of the subtle reactions, facial expressions, and body language that top-of-room or facility-installed fixed cameras can’t provide.

Double Take harnesses feedback – both spoken and unspoken – from one audience to initiate and stimulate discussion within another audience, helping people articulate their interests, beliefs, preferences, and how they’re both similar and unique. When one group hears about the other’s experiences, decisions, joys, frustrations and everything in between, it elicits a deeper set of evaluative and considered opinions as compared to reacting to “stimulus” which can sometimes be unfamiliar or impersonal.

By empowering research audiences to listen, to empathize, and to understand, Double Take eliminates the “echo chamber,” digging deeper for truths at core emotional and motivational levels.

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