Recency is Currency


Television is set in its ways. You play by ‘their rules,’ whereas with iOS or Android, I know I can choose many other ways to get the information I need when I want it. For sports fans, that’s magic.
— Bill, New York Yankees Super Fan

To sports fans, nothing is more valuable than information and access to the teams they love. But as the media landscape and consumption habits change, attitudes toward the brands that have held the keys to those kingdoms are being challenged.

With the fragmentation of sports content, increasing multi-screen viewing and the insurgent role of social media, owning the intersection of fan behavior, technology and brand has become a competitive differentiator.

ESPN has partnered with Greenberg across multiple studies to gain actionable insights on these issues among strong-minded constituencies.

While ESPN has always benefitted from the halo of the teams it covers, broadcast media is increasingly seen as one of many channels in the fan experience, rather than its hub.

To understand the drivers of loyalty in this changing space, Greenberg conducted qualitative, quantitative, and consultative programs among fans across major sports genres, to gain deeper insights into motivation, behavior, and feedback around key ESPN assets.

Our studies have helped ESPN calibrate the strategy, tactics, and features of offerings such as SportsCenter, the WatchESPN app, and its social media strategy. 

Ultimately, throughout all of our work with ESPN, one consistent pattern emerges repeatedly: the only "currency" sports fans live by and look for in the brands they love is "recency"– the magical ability to be the most informed, and possess more up-to-date sports results than anyone else. 

Greenberg has helped ESPN convert this profound human truth into actionable insights to help strengthen the ESPN brand.

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Changing attitudes toward media is fueling new behaviors and trends, creating new opportunities to deepen relationships.